FTR Only Has A Month And Change Left On AEW Contracts

FTR shocked the pro wrestling world when they returned to AEW at Revolution and confronted The Gunns, who had just retained their world tag team titles. The two teams threw down in the middle of the ring with Dax Harwood seemingly getting the worst of it as his head burst open after a tough blow and blood spilled down his face. Regardless of the damage done to his body, Dax was back in his chair, sipping tequila and talking about the latest FTR news of the week on his FTR w/ Dax podcast.

A recent PWInsider report stated that the belief backstage in AEW is that FTR is locked into long-term AEW contracts and their absence from TV of late, and subsequent teases of going elsewhere, has been to give them storyline cover. In response to the report, the multi-time tag team champion bluntly stated, “That is very surprising to me because zero has changed.”

“We’re in this limbo stage right now,” Harwood clarified. “We’ve still got a month left as we are recording we have about a month and eighteen days left for us to decide what we’re going to do.”

While seeming to completely shoot down the story, he conceded, “I don’t want to say if that report is right or wrong.” Harwood then went on to open up about how he did not want to work his fans and give them a false answer. So, take that for what it is worth.

Interestingly, Harwood was also willing to let the fans in on his thoughts as FTR weighs staying with AEW or returning to WWE. The pros for AEW seem to be the less hectic schedule, the ability to do indies, the connection to NJPW, and the appearances at comic cons that they enjoy. In regards to WWE, it seems it’s all about the money. Harwood was quick to point out how monetarily, there is no one making or paying more money than WWE.

“Nothing has changed and please let everything play out,” Harwood began closing his thoughts out on the issue. “Because come April you will understand what we are doing and where we are going.”

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