John Cena Whispered Words Of Wisdom To Cody Rhodes On WWE Raw

John Lennon once eloquently serenaded that when he found himself in times of trouble, Mother Mary came to him, whispering words of wisdom, let it be. John Cena may not have the same ethereal elegance as Lennon but he did whisper his own words of wisdom to Cody Rhodes this past Monday night on Raw.

After verbally annihilating Austin Theory in the middle of the WWE ring, and accepting his WrestleMania challenge, Cena brought out someone he feels truly belongs on the WrestleMania stage, Cody Rhodes. Cena headed to the top of the ramp to greet Rhodes before embracing him and whispering wisdom in his ear.

Rhodes has taken to Twitter to reveal exactly what it was that Cena said to him, “Reward their noise, every time…”

The advice is solid, insightful, and certainly something Rhodes seems to have taken to heart. While watching the two men embrace on WWE’s flagship show, it was hard for many not to construe the moment as a true passing of the torch. This is especially true when considering Cena’s recent comments regarding his Raw appearance, “Last night was the first time I entered the arena and had the thought that it might be the last time. I’ll never be able to put into words how much I love the #WWEUniverse.”

If Cena is truly moving on from WWE, now more than ever feels like the time for talent to step up and grab the brass ring. Rhodes is arguably positioned better than anyone on the WWE roster following his Royal Rumble win and impending WrestleMania main event against Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Could a slew of PPV main events, Make-A-Wish appearances, and television spots be on the horizon for Rhodes akin to what we’ve seen from Cena? Time will tell but it appears Rhodes’ time could be now.

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