Gable Steveson Sends Mixed Signals About WWE Future

Kurt Angle is no longer the only Olympic gold medalist in WWE history. That claim to fame came to an end in October of 2021 when fellow gold medalist Gable Steveson was formally drafted to the WWE Raw brand. While the announcement was met with some excitement from fans, Steveson has yet to make his full-time main roster debut.

All of that may, or may not, be changing in the not-too-distant future. While speaking with MMA Fighting, Steveson noted that while he is just waiting for the call from WWE to get to work, he is also entertaining another run in the Olympics. “I know the Olympics is next year,” Steveson said. “And I hope to be a part of that and keep moving forward and keep winning big titles for the USA also.”

“I would love a second run,” he continued. “I feel I have a lot more left in the tank to showcase. I want to prove USA right and keep moving forward overall and become one of the best American amateur wrestlers ever, and I hope I can achieve the Bruce Baumgartner status of having a bunch of medals and having the accolades to show and be a part of WWE and be an entertainer, too.”

The next Olympics do not take place until 2024, with training and preparation it would seem like a full-time WWE run would be tough to pull off. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that WWE has been planning for Steveson to get a “monster push” on Raw in conjunction with WrestleMania 39. With Steveson re-focusing on a second potential Olympic gold medal win, his imminent push in WWE could be on hold.

For what it was worth, I participated in a WWE dinner media event during Royal Rumble weekend it was expressly made clear to those in attendance that Steveson’s WWE debut was only a few weeks away. If plans have changed, they may have on a dime.

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