Vickie Guerrero No Longer On The Road With AEW

Excuse me! Why wasn’t Vickie Guerrero in the corner of her client, Nyla Rose, this past Friday night on Rampage?

For those that missed it, prior to last Friday’s Rampage, a graphic was released hyping Rose’s match against former AEW Women’s Champion, Riho. Interestingly, Marina Schafir was shown alongside Rose but Guerrero was nowhere to be seen. Many fans took notice of Guerrero not being featured alongside Rose and the former WWE GM decided to comment on her absence, “@aew requested for me to stay home and I am not at events…I have no doubts that the #viciousvixens @NylaRoseBeast @MarinaShafir will have the fans witness a destructive match against Riho!!”

Guerrero breaking the news that she is not needed at AEW events at the moment comes as a bit of a surprise. It was just a month ago that Guerrero served as AEW’s honorary ambassador in El Paso, Texas as the city declared February 6 to be All Elite Wrestling Day. Other stars in attendance alongside her as she accepted the award were Mark Henry and Angelico.

Vickie Guerrero is not the first Guerrero to mysteriously disappear from AEW TV. Early last year, after a few months of working alongside Andrade, Chavo Guerrero was removed from the AEW roster page on the company’s site with seemingly no warning. Shortly after his disappearance from the roster, I asked Guerrero about his removal and he seemed surprised by the move. He explained that he had been asked to go work on the current season of Young Rock and asked Tony Khan if that would be alright. While Khan gave his blessing for the opportunity when it came time for Chavo to return to AEW TV, he had difficulty getting ahold of AEW’s top guy. Shortly after, he was removed from the official roster.

Whether Vickie will quietly fade away from AEW TV like Chavo is yet to be seen. And, hey, if Tony Khan doesn’t want to use either of these Guerreros, I’m sure WWE could find a place for them in the Mysterio family implosion heading into WrestleMania 39. Just sayin’.

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