Taya Valkyrie Is All Elite And Gunning For The TBS Champion

Before there was Mercedes Mone’ there was Franky Monet and before there was Franky Monet, there was Taya Valkyrie. While many fans were chomping at the bit to see Mone’ and Valkyrie square off in a ring that isn’t owned by WWE, it looks like they are going to have to wait just a little bit longer. Last night on Dynamite, Valkyrie made her official AEW debut, confronting TBS Champion Jade Cargill moments after her squash match victory.

As a native Canadian, Valkyrie received a thunderous reaction from the Winnipeg crowd in attendance and she took no time giving the fans what they want. After Cargill’s right-hand baddie, Leila Grey attempted to get into Valkyrie’s face, she was quickly dispatched by Valkyrie with her Road To Valhalla finisher, which is very similar to Cargill’s signature Jaded move.

Tony Khan made Valkyrie’s signing with AEW official last night as he tweeted out her official All Elite graphic. “Welcome to AEW, @thetayavalkyrie!” Khan exclaimed, “Great to see a Canadian star arrive TONIGHT on TBS on Wednesday Night #AEWDynamite in Winnipeg!”

Valkyrie’s focus in AEW seems to be clear, defeat Jade Cargill and capture the TBS Championship. The imposing Cargill has been an unstoppable force in AEW since her debut and has yet to suffer a loss in singles competition. Having run through nearly everyone in AEW’s women’s division, sometimes two or three times, it was undoubtedly time to throw some fresh blood her way and the world-traveled Valkyrie fits the bill perfectly.

Now, should Valkyrie be the one to finally defeat Cargill? It’s tough to say. A case could certainly be made that Valkyrie could immediately plant her flag in AEW with a title win over Cargill but does she need to? Valkyrie has a high name ID among pro wrestling fans and likely would not lose much in their eyes if she were to lose to Cargill. Cargill, on the other hand, is just finding her footing as Tony Khan’s “female Goldberg” and it may be a little too soon to end the experiment.

In a backstage interview that was released online after Dynamite, Valkyrie didn’t say much about signing with AEW but did tell fans to tune in to Rampage this Friday night for her in-ring debut.

Regardless of the outcome of this impending feud with Cargill, it will be refreshing to have Valkyrie in AEW’s women’s division. There are obvious top programs for her to work in like the current Outcasts vs AEW originals program. It’s easy to imagine a scenario where we hear Tony Schiavone scream, “But whose side is she on?!” As she makes her way to the ring to get involved in a scuffle with all the key players.

As for Mone’ vs Valkyrie? Well, Forbidden Door is only a few months and it is being held in Toronto so, you know, keep your head on a swivel! Anything can happen!

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