WWE Sale Talks Reportedly Getting ‘Hot And Heavy’

Earlier today, CNBC business analyst David Faber weighed in on the presumed and potentially impending sale of WWE. Following an acknowledgment that there is speculation that Vince McMahon is unwilling to sell WWE, Faber put investors’ minds to rest as he stated that it’s “shaping up to be a pretty good sale process,” and, “things are getting pretty hot and heavy.” The path to a WWE sale is apparently going so well that those doubtful it would happen have begun to change their tune.

In regard to who could be the potential buyer for WWE, one of the names Faber mentioned was Endeavor, the parent company of the UFC. From the way it was described, it sounds as if Endeavor could potentially spin UFC off into another company that would be merged with WWE, a concept that Endeavor and WWE would be interested in exploring.

Faber then brought up the idea of a private equity entity making a play for the biggest player in sports entertainment, noting there could be notable players in the industry taking notice. The Saudis were used as an example with their expansion into pro golf with LIV, and other sports endeavors. Of course, they are just one of many possible private suitors.

Interestingly, Faber quipped that the sale of WWE looks to be resolved “in the not-too-distant future.” However, one name that he reiterated he has heard is not interested is Comcast. WWE’s close relationship with NBC Universal, through Peacock and the USA Network, was brought up as something to take note of.

Regardless of who does land WWE, if a deal can be struck, both Faber, along with Jim Cramer, agreed that the company is likely a good purchase for whoever does get it.

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