Teddy Long Hopes Rey Mysterio Is Humiliated At WWE WrestleMania 39 – Exclusive

Holla holla, players! Haus of Wrestling has just dropped an exclusive WWE WrestleMania 39 preview and predictions interview with WWE Hall of Famer, Teddy Long!

While The Bloodline storyline is certainly top of mind for many pro wrestling fans heading into the big weekend, it is the impending generational battle between Dominik and Rey Mysterio that seems to be catching Long’s attention. Not just because of the storytelling going into the bout, which has been fantastic, but also for what it means for Rey at this point in his career.

“If it was me, and I’m not Rey and I don’t know if Rey would want to do this,” Long prefaced. “But, if it were me, I would put my son over, leave him strong and let him continue the legacy and then I would go home and just enjoy the rest of my life with his kids and daughter, who is grown now. Rey has been in the business a long time time, probably as long as me or maybe longer. There comes a time in your life where … I could care less whether the WWE called me back or not, I am enjoying my life and sleeping in my own bed at night.”

While Long made it clear he feels Dominik should win the match, there is still the issue of what will happen after it is over. Will Rey and Dominik bury the hatchet with a meaningful embrace? From the sounds of it, the former WWE Smackdown General Manager doesn’t hope so.

“I’d kick dirt on him (Rey) and take off,” Long flatly stated. “Like I said, it’s father and son, I understand what is going on here. After it’s over, ‘give me that hug, this is how we’re going to be.’ Uh uh, if I was Dominik, I would beat him 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring, kick dirt on him and leave. ‘You were never a dad! This is how you should remain!’ And you have a story here, ‘I ended my father’s career.'”

Long didn’t stop there when describing how Dominik should revel in the possible victory of his father. Following what could be a good night for The Judgment Day at WWE WrestleMania 39, if Finn, Rhea, and Dominik all win their matches, Long believes Dominik should take his evilness even further.

“That Monday Night on Raw, maybe I’d have someone doing an interview with Rey about what happened at WrestleMania and ‘what your son did to you’ and I’d have Dominik hit that interview and crash him again. Drop him again.”

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