Vince McMahon’s Potential WWE Creative Return Clouds Sale Rumors

The buzz around WWE being offloaded to a non-McMahon entity has begun to reach a fever pitch. Following a report from CNBC yesterday that WWE sale talks have gotten “hot and heavy,” many financial and pro wrestling pundits are anticipating an outright sale of the company in the coming months.

A new report from Fightful sheds even further light on the current situation, stating that those they’ve spoken with expect “business to pick up” shortly after WrestleMania 39 wraps up. It was also noted that the decision to hold Mania in Los Angeles was a strategic decision by the company to coincide with upcoming TV rights renewal talks.

In regard to CNBC reporting that Comcast has no interest in purchasing WWE, Fightful added that, despite the company’s long relationship with Vince McMahon, they have no interest in keeping him involved with the promotion. Whether or not that is a tip-off that McMahon is interested in staying with the company beyond a sale is yet to be seen. Those close to McMahon continue to insist he is open to a sale that does not involve him retaining a role. Up and down, many agree that McMahon demanding to stay in the mix would negatively affect sale talks.

One McMahon that rumored potential buyers do seem interested in having around, is Stephanie. According to a source at Disney, “These companies are doing their due diligence, they’re following the news cycles, regardless of their public levels of interest. They’re aware of the things that would make audiences and staff happy. She seemed to bring a lot of positive to the company.” Nick Khan’s contributions to WWE, as well as the WWE team in general since Vince stepped down, were also lauded.

With all of this in mind, there do appear to be red flags within WWE when it comes to Vince. There have been character and gimmick changes recently that echo some of the preferences Vince had when he was in charge of creative. Including last-minute changes that had been laid out far in advance. Some of these changes are said to have had a negative effect on the WWE locker room morale.

As it stands, WWE creative has remained insistent that they are not in contact with Vince directly. If it were to get out that Vince was involved in WWE creative, a “huge blow” to WWE talent morale could be likely. Even still a “Vince’s Office” sign still ominously hangs backstage at WWE events, though it sounds as if the sign is only being kept around because it features other backstage directions.

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