Seth Rollins Gets A Freaking WWE WrestleMania Win Over Logan Paul

Logan Paul didn’t waste a moment garnering heat at WWE WrestleMania 39 as he made his way to the ring high above the crowd ziplining into action, ala Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 12. As he landed on the Mania entrance ramp, he was joined by his Prime Energy drink mascot that I can only imagine is named Primey. That is not confirmed and is only speculation on my part.

Rollins took a more minimalist route with his entrance, before he even appeared in front of the live crowd a professional symphony conductor took to the stage and guided the crowd as they began to sing Rollins’ entrance theme. Then, the pyro hit, and our came Rollins, adorned in a long, flowing red outfit with bright pink, leather strapping underneath. Truly a sight to behold.

Both men put it all on the line in the match, as they are known to do, including a huge splash by Paul to the outside of the ring through a table. Rollins was positioned on top of the table, and nearly ate the splash, but at the last moment pulled Primey, who played by Paul’s YouTube and boxing foil, KSI, onto the table instead. KSI, after aiding Paul moments earlier, ate the splash and Rollins quickly capitalized by rolling Paul into the ring for a near fall.

The match continued on and Paul eventually gained control again, ascending to the top rope and attempting to hit Coast 2 Coast on Rollins. The Architect, however, was able to counter with a superkick, sending Paul to the mat. Rollins ran to the corner, hyped the crowd, and roundly dropped Paul with his signature stomp for the win.

The crowd in attendance loved the finish and it will be interesting to see what happens next with Rollins. Paul could angle for a big rematch at WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico, where he resides, or he could return to whatever financially lucrative opportunity he has next. Coming off a big Mania win like this, anything seems possible for Rollins, perhaps even a return to the WWE main event picture.

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