Bad Bunny Helps Rey Mysterio Defeat Dominik At WWE WrestleMania 39

Dominik Mysterio made his way to the WWE WrestleMania 39 ring to fight his father the only way he knew how, from the back of a police van, “Prison Dom” style. The second-generation star garnered immediate heat when he emerged from the van in handcuffs and sporting his father’s signature mask. As boos rained down from the crowd, Dominik removed the mask and made his way to the ring flanked by police, who took his handcuffs off just before he entered the squared circle.

The tone quickly shifted as Snoop Dogg’s voice rang through the arena before an abrupt shift to Eddie Guerrero’s theme song, which got a big reaction. Out came Rey Mysterio, riding in a low-rider truck, just like Guerrero, alongside Snoop, who we have to imagine was very high and enjoying himself. Lastly came Rey’s music, and loud pyro, setting the stage for the father and son collision we were about to see.

Both Mysterios took their time opening the bout with a series of Lucha moves, appropriately, before devolving into a more physical confrontation. At one point, Dominik found himself caught up in the corner turnbuckle ropes with his butt facing the center of the ring. Rey couldn’t help himself as he took off his belt and spanked his son, an act that seemed long overdue considering the angst Dominik has created within the family.

Frustrated, Dominik rolled out of the ring to confront his sister, who was sitting ringside. He took the drink out of his sister’s hand and threw it in her face, causing the younger Mysterio to nearly jump the barricade to get involved before Rey stopped her. Not long after, Dominik attempted to get in his own mother’s face, while she was also sitting ringside, but was slapped across the face for his troubles. Big pop.

Then came The Judgment Day, Finn Balor, and Damian Priest, sans Rhea Ripley, to try and help Dominik take advantage by serving as distractions as Rey was gaining momentum. Their efforts were thwarted when Rey’s revived LWO faction, the former Legado del Fantasma, came to his aide helping to run the black and purple faction away from the ring.

Alone in the ring with his father, Dominik immediately began to try to find heelish ways to put Rey away, including removing the top turnbuckle, but it was when he tried to sneakily bring a steel chain into the match that things appear to have gone too far. Bad Bunny, who was on commentary, lept to the ring apron and pulled the chain from Dominik’s hand. As Dominik was trying to deal with Bad Bunny, his father set him up for and then executed his 619 before hitting a frog splash from the top for the win.

Following the match, Rey invited his wife and daughter into the ring to celebrate. With WWE Backlash around the corner, and with Bad Bunny hosting in Damian Priest’s home country, it’s hard to think this feud is over. If anything, it looks like we could get a few more matches involving everyone involved in the coming months.

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