Shane McMahon Appears To Suffer Injury At WWE WrestleMania 39

After a reported falling out with WWE at the Royal Rumble in 2022, Shane McMahon was said to be “quietly let go” by the promotion. Ever since Shane has not been seen on WWE TV and rumors have swirled regarding his pro wrestling future. On night two of WrestleMania 39, the rumors of when and if he would return came to an end as Shane-o-Mac made his way to the ring as a surprise opponent for The Miz, as declared by guest co-host Snoop Dogg.

The match between the two was short-lived, as Shane shot The Miz off the ropes, dropped down, leapfrogged, and then clutched his knee. After briefly trying to get back up on his legs, Shane clutched his knee and fell to the mat, never getting up of his own volition for the remainder of his appearance. A referee and medic hit the ring, helping to roll Shane out of the ring before throwing his arms over their shoulders and walking to the backstage area.

Back in the ring, Snoop Dogg, apparently improvising, began throwing punches at The Miz. Miz, the consummate pro, took each punch and sold them hugely. As he lay on the mat, Snoop decided to channel his inner Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as he crisscrossed the ropes and hit The Miz with a People’s Elbow for the 1-2-3 victory. It’s worth noting that a match between Snoop and Miz was never made official so perhaps the loss was not official as well, that is unconfirmed.

This is the second year in a row that a McMahon has underdelivered with in-ring action at WWE WrestleMania. Last year, Shane’s father, Vince, insisted on a last-minute match against Pat McAfee, which he somehow won, before taking what is arguably the worst Stone Cold Stunner in history. While Vince made it out in one piece without going to the hospital, it would seem the same cannot be said for Shane.

This is undoubtedly a sad turn of events for the McMahon family as the WWE looks to be sold to Endeavor, with an announcement coming as soon as tomorrow night. What was supposed to be a celebratory end of an era for the McMahon family’s ownership of the most successful pro wrestling promotion of all time, looks to be hampered by a trip to the emergency room.

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