Paul Heyman And Roman Reigns Rag On Nick Hausman At WWE WrestleMania 39 Press Conference

When I stepped into the WWE WrestleMania 39 press conference today, I was admittedly hopeful that I would get to ask Paul “Triple H” Levesque about the reported sale of WWE to Endeavor, and merger with UFC, which could happen as early as tomorrow. However, once I saw Paul Heyman, someone exceptionally well-connected internally, and Roman Reigns, the retaining Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and face of the company, step on the stage, I knew I wanted their take as well.

As questions went by, I worried I would never get my chance but at the last minute, Heyman said the press could ask one more question. I asked WWE PR for the mic and was granted my opportunity.

“Huge news broke this afternoon from CNBC,” I began. “It sounds like there could be a big change in ownership for WWE, maybe as early as tomorrow. What are your reactions to reports that WWE could be acquired by Endeavor, potentially merge with UFC, and, of course, Paul we already saw you getting into it with Conor McGregor over on Twitter.”

“I was too busy smashing your favorite,” Reigns began. “So, yeah, I don’t really know too much about that. Today was a very busy day for me and, whatever happened, I’m sure they’re all very lucky to have me. I know that much. You got anything on that wise man?”

“Yes, he (Nick Hausman) has a bad habit of starting problems at press conferences,” Heyman stated, seeming to allude to the issues that arose after the AEW All Out media scrum last year.

“Yeah, you care to ad-lib and maybe rebuttal him?” Reigns retorted.

“Oh, he knows he has a bad habit of asking bad questions at press conferences,” Heyman added.

“The improv or whatever, right?” Reigns continued. “So that’s it? You wasted your question? Alright, guys, good night!”

Despite not getting a totally straight answer, I did find it interesting that Reigns’ quip about “they’re all very lucky to have” seem to insinuate multiple people having a stake in him. Take that for what it is worth. Also, for what it’s worth, had I been given a mic, I would have loved to ad-lib a rebuttal!

Out next after Heyman and Reigns was Paul “Triple H” Levesque who, after an emotional opening statement, said he wanted to get the news “out of the way” and called on “Hausman” to ask a question. So, I asked Levesque the same question I asked Heyman and Reigns but amended it slightly to inquire if he would care to confirm or comment on the story.

“Nope,” he quickly said. “I am here to talk about WrestleMania but I wanted to get that off the table.”

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