Logan Paul Denies Photoshopping WWE Contract Renewal Photo

Earlier today, Logan Paul announced that he had renewed his contract with WWE, something Paul “Triple H” Levesque confirmed shortly after with a quote retweet. The announcement also came with a photo of what looked to be Paul’s renewed contract along with Triple H giving him his signature “we got him” finger point.

While many were focused on the news being made, others were preoccupied with the color of Paul’s letterman’s jacket and the Prime Energy bottle on the desk. Why? Because many are speculating that the photo is actually not as it portrays itself to be and is actually the photo Paul released when he first signed with WWE, with some photoshopped modifications.

Online sleuths have begun to notice the similarities between the photos and the alterations that appear to have been made. The jacket is the same, only now it’s blue. The Prime bottle is placed in the exact same spot in each photo but now, like the jacket, it is also blue. There’s also the similarly posed Levesque but unlike the initial photo, his wife, Stephanie, is nowhere to be seen, possibly photoshopped out to make the latest photo look new.

In a tweet addressing the burgeoning controversy, something Paul is no stranger to, he tried his best to convince fans they were wrong.

“Some people are saying I photoshopped my new contract from the first time I signed with WWE,” the tweet began. “That is untrue. As you can see, my jacket is a different color, Stephanie McMahon is no where to found, and Prime is a different flavor.”

Paul bringing attention to the flavor of the drink was probably not wise, as one fan has already zoomed in to show that both cans are labeled Blue Raspberry. Somehow, we think Paul will be able to shake this off and continue making tons of money.

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