Dakota Kai Teases Damage CTRL Adding New Members – Exclusive

On night one of WWE WrestleMania 39, Damage CTRL, Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY, fell victim to the team of Becky Lynch, Lita, and Trish Stratus. Many fans viewed this match as pivotal for the all-female faction of former WWE NXT names and in an exclusive Haus of Wrestling interview from WWE WrestleMania 39 media row, Kai seemed to share that sentiment.

“It could definitely be make or break,” Kai conceded. “At the end of the day, we still have each other.”

On the WWE Monday Night Raw following WrestleMania, it was noticeable how Damage CTRL’s presentation seemed to take a hit. Kai and Sky lost in a tag match to Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan without Bayley, who was reportedly told to stay in the back during the match and not be ringside for the duo. Last week’s Raw was also reportedly plagued by last-minute changes by Vince McMahon, who resumed control of the Gorilla position following the sale of WWE to Endeavor.

Kai, as she noted in the interview, was the first return hire after Paul “Triple H” Levesque took control of WWE Creative. Under McMahon’s leadership, Kai and SKY had both been released following successful runs in NXT without ever making it to the main roster. With the group’s future full of uncertainties, I asked Kai if she thought Damage CTRL could expand their ranks with other female NXT talent, possibly giving the stable renewed energy.

“Yes,” Kai agreed. “NXT talent, Smackdown talent, Raw talent, I think we are constantly looking to see what the next step is for us, and we’ll see what happens after WrestleMania, too. Maybe we want to expand a little bit, maybe become a bigger stable or something like that. Maybe add more people, I dunno. We’ll see.”

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