Kenny Omega Has Reportedly Not Signed A New AEW Contract

Kenny Omega and his status with AEW have been the subject of much speculation in recent months. Is his contract coming up? Has he been working without a deal? Was his contract extended due to time away from the ring due to injury? All questions that’ve flown around like debris in a tornado.

During a Haus of Wrestling interview yesterday, Konnan spoke about wanting to have Omega as part of the upcoming TripleMania main event. Still, due to Omega’s uncertainty about re-signing with AEW, or if his contract with the promotion would be extended due to injury, they could not land him. The former AEW World Champions’ uncertainty, according to the AAA booker, was in regard to possibly making a leap to WWE, away from AEW.

Later in the conversation, Konnan said he assumed Omega had re-signed because there was some kind of plans for him in the future but did not get into specifics. On today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, noted pro wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer, discussed Konnan’s comments and gave more clarity on Omega’s AEW contract status.

“Konnan did an interview and it got everyone talking that Kenny Omega had signed a new contract,” he began. “Kenny is under contract to AEW, his contract was extended because he was out, I think, nine months, due to injuries. I believe he is under contract until November or December, and that’s the situation. But there is no new deal that’s been signed.”

It looks as if fans could be treated to an extended program between The Elite and Blackpool Combat Club if Omega is going to be sticking around for the rest of the year. One program that looks doubtful at the moment for Omega is anything involving CM Punk, as recent reporting has indicated that The Second City Savior is open to working with members of The Elite but that openness is not being reciprocated.

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