Backstage News On Becky Lynch And Her WWE Contract Status

Earlier today, Becky Lynch drummed up some controversy by removing WWE from all her social media platforms and posting a message stating she won’t be at Raw tonight. While some jumped to the conclusion that there had to be some kind of issue between Lynch and WWE, others were more cautious that this could be part of a work to drum up interest in tonight’s Raw.

Fightful is reporting that based on sources within WWE they have spoken to, Lynch had been planned for tonight’s Raw as of last Monday. With that said, it has now been confirmed to them that Lynch will not be on tonight’s show, a change it plans. It was also noted that, despite how it may look on the surface, there were “no issues to their knowledge between Becky Lynch and WWE.” Lynch is apparently suffering from a minor foot injury, which could be the reason she is not on tonight’s show, but not confirmed.

According to the report, Lynch signed a new deal with WWE upon her return in 2021, and her time off for maternity leave was not added to her previous deal. She signed a three-year deal that looks to expire in June of 2024, more than a year from now. Lynch does not appear to have entered into negotiations for a new contract beyond her current one.

So, it would seem, Lynch is not going anywhere and her moves on social media today were just meant to create some noise. It’s always possible there is more to this story, and we’ll see if that is the case as time goes by. As it stands, Lynch began a high-profile feud with WWE Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus, this past Monday on Raw. After the two were unsuccessful in defending the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, Stratus left Lynch laying following a surprise attack, turning heel in the process.

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