CM Punk Likely To Return Same Day As New AEW Saturday Show

It once again appears to be clobbering time, as CM Punk AEW return rumors have hit a boiling point. In today’s The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was reported that Punk’s return is expected to happen at a June 17 AEW show at the United Center, in Chicago. That event takes place on a Saturday, and will “likely” be the debut of the much-buzzed-about AEW Saturday show, possibly called Collision. The episode will also have a theme name, like Punk’s The Last Dance, Rampage debut.

Punk is, of course, a Chicago native and has been wildly popular in the market for decades. Having him make his triumphant return in his own backyard positions him well for a babyface run. If the new show is to be its own brand with a unique roster, which has been rumored and is something Haus of Wrestling can confirm is being talked about, then having a strong top babyface will be great for its drawing power.

It was noted in the report that nothing is finalized but the United Center has been booked and this is the direction things are moving. It’s likely the new show, and possibly Punk’s corresponding return, will be announced “very shortly” but that is contingent on the Punk and Warner Bros. Discovery deals being finalized.

Apparently, the decision to bring Punk back into the AEW fold was made “many weeks ago,” but there was some kind of hold-up “two weeks back” that appears to have been worked out. The timing of the hold-up is interesting because it is around the time Punk return rumors began, along with news a meeting between Punk and Chris Jericho could be in the works.

A meeting between Punk and Jericho, who have not seen eye-to-eye in recent years, could open the door to several conversations. Some have speculated the two may talk about working together on-screen but based on the men’s real-life feelings towards each other, that’s all but a guarantee. It is also possible that Jericho, who has served as a locker room leader since All Out, wants to talk things out on behalf of some in the locker room, mainly The Elite.

There will likely also be a third man in that meeting as well, Tony Khan. If Khan is launching two separate brands, he may just want to have these two stars on the same page to make sure they can co-exist on Saturdays. That would give the show two big stars while leaving The Elite and Blackpool Combat Club on Wednesdays. Let the AEW Draft fantasy booking begin!

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