Cody Rhodes Makes Bold Claim About Roman Reigns Rematch

Cody Rhodes told the world he would finish his story at WWE WrestleMania 39 with an Undisputed Universal Championship victory over Roman Reigns. Unfortunately for The American Nightmare, and his passionate fan base, the story did not go as planned on night two of the big event. After a melee of interference from The Usos, Solo Sikoa, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn, Reigns eventually stood tall over the former AEW EVP, sending Dusty’s son and the crowd home defeated.

In a new interview with Comicbook, Rhodes addressed the backlash to his big loss and the fan disappointment that came with it. He noted that while the show was a huge financial success, which some told him to take as a win, he still felt defeated because of the loss in the main event. It was also teased that more about the adversity he struggled through getting to the big match will be covered in an upcoming WWE documentary.

And while Rhodes may not have finished his story the way he wanted at WrestleMania, that isn’t to say it couldn’t end in some other fashion. The feud between Reigns and Rhodes got heated, especially when it came to the promo exchanges with Paul Heyman, and with so much interference in their last match, there is still business to be settled.

“The goal is the same for me as a sports entertainer, as a wrestler, I came here wanting one thing,” Rhodes said. “It doesn’t mean other stories won’t happen that will also be finished and it doesn’t mean there aren’t other milestones — we’re talking about good things like video game covers, things like that today — but the important thing to me is still the championship on Roman’s shoulders and it’s the biggest match that WWE could do, but it would take a great deal of mountains to be moved for that rematch to even happen. The goal is the same for me, I just have to see it through and do the work.”

Whether or not you agree with the notion a rematch between Rhodes and Reigns is “the biggest match WWE could do” at the moment is certainly up for debate.

On the immediate horizon for Rhodes is a possible chance to capture the newly debuted WWE World Championship at Night of Champions later this month. While no wrestlers have been confirmed to compete for the title, the former Stardust certainly has a claim to make. For what it’s worth, his most notable WWE nemesis in recent years, Seth “Freaking” Rollins, has also been drafted to Raw and could be in contention for that title as well.