Goldberg & Sting In Talks For Big International Show – Exclusive

Not long ago, Bill Goldberg got fans talking when, during a radio show appearance, he teased the idea of doing an independent four-city retirement tour. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion’s desire to host his own series of retirement matches comes on the heels of what he claims was a false promise from the former head of WWE creative, Vince McMahon.

As Goldberg tells it, following his WWE Elimination Chamber match against Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship match last year, McMahon made a handshake agreement that he would give him a proper retirement match, in a WWE ring. The timing was not in Goldberg’s favor, however, as McMahon was forced to resign from his position in WWE following a myriad of allegations against him. With McMahon out of the picture, talks about a retirement match in WWE fell apart, and alternate pro wrestling plans began being discussed.

In an exclusive Haus of Wrestling interview, available on the Haus of Wrestling podcast feed, legendary pro wrestling promoter, trainer, and agent, Rick Bassman, commented on Goldberg’s tease regarding a retirement tour.

“First of all, I’m actively in touch with Bill, I’m working on a date right now,” he began. “I don’t promote much these days but every now and then, something fun comes up, and it’s worth diving into. So working on a date in Jerusalem, Israel for September of this year. And that would involve, potentially, both Goldberg and Sting. And then on the whole ladder, you have the AEW clearance issues, of course. So that’s something that I really hope to put together.

“Now, only because I’ve been in touch actively with Bill, and then also with his agent, Barry Bloom, who is a longtime good friend. They are working on exactly what you described. But to my knowledge, it still needs to all be nailed down. That said, I would not be surprised to see Bill end up back in WWE for something massive.”

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