CM Punk Responds To Bryan Alvarez’s Reporting About Him

Earlier today, Warner Brothers Discovery announced that AEW: Collision will debut live on TNT, on June 17 at 8/7c. What they did not announce was the return of CM Punk and his involvement in the new show. While many had hoped to hear that news, it was never confirmed that it would be made, and in the wake of the non-announcement, several stories have begun to leak out regarding The Second City Saint and his supposed AEW status.

Notably, through some light investigative reporting, it was revealed that an earlier, cached version of the AEW: Collision press release prominently featured Punk as one of the stars of the show. Shortly after, Bran Alvarez took to Wrestling Observer Radio and noted that AEW: Collision graphics including Punk had been mocked up but were not used as part of the Collision rollout. Furthermore, he speculated that something may have happened between Punk and AEW, possibly leading to the former World Champion’s return falling through.

Punk has now taken to Instagram Stories to respond to Alvarez’s comments with a pair of images. The first appears to be a note that Punk wrote himself, and took a screenshot of.

“Look everyone, Bryan alvarez doesn’t like it when misinformed internet trolls make up rumors about him so please stop making up rumors and stories for clicks while Bryan makes up rumors and stories for clicks okay?” Punk began. “He’s married for gods sake! By gawd that man has a family!!!! (Bryan alvarez shut the fuck up and stop talking about me challenge day 1)”

The second image that Punk shared appears to be an email from Alvarez to someone else, presumably in Punk’s orbit who passed it along to him.

“Feel stupid for even bothering to write this but David Bixenspan is in one of his moods and I have been reading THE stupidest shit the last three days,” the email began. “If you ever talk to Punk about this (and I doubt you will, and I doubt even more that he’d give a fuck), please let him know that I do not nor have I ever had any problem with him. It has been FOUR YEARS and Bix still believes that I hold a grudge against CM Punk because he was dating Maria.

“The best part is that I am writing this on my anniversary weekend with my wife. I can only imagine the shit that will be written in another four years. So yeah. Hope things are going well for you and let me know if you need anything. Bryan.”