Seth Rollins Captures WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Just now in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Seth Rollins pinned AJ Styles in the finals of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament. Following the win, Paul “Triple H” Levesque presented Rollins with his new hardware. With the win, Rollins can not call himself a three-time WWE world champion, on top of his two WWE Universal title reigns, and one reign as WWE NXT Champion. An impressive resume by any stretch, and that doesn’t include his multiple mid-card and tag team title wins.

It’s a big win for Rollins at a time when his career has, arguably, never been hotter. Outside of being the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, The Architect is also adding the moniker of Hollywood Star to his long list of names. Recently, Rollins was spotted on the set of Marvel’s Captain America: New World Order. While not much is known about what Rollins will be doing in the film, it is likely something substantial as he has not been at WWE Raw for the past two weeks due to filming.

Instead, the build to the match against Styles has featured a series of vignettes from a sit-down interview Rollins did with Corey Graves. In each installment, all of which can be found at the bottom of this post, Rollins reflects on his decade with the company and all the milestones and feuds he’s encountered along the way. From his debut in WWE NXT to his time with The Shield, and his first WWE world title win, it is all covered.

One of the more interesting takeaways from the vignettes is his comments about current WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Styles seemingly said the quiet part out loud on the road to this match, noting that since Reigns never lost this title, it comes across as secondary. If Rollins does want to establish himself, and his new championship, as something less than secondary, a collision with Reigns at some point may be in order. However, if it does go down, with all the gold on the line, we could find ourselves doing another WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament all over again.