Kevin Von Erich Defends Fritz & Kerry’s Legacies – Exclusive

In a Haus of Wrestling exclusive interview, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Von Erich spoke candidly about A24’s upcoming film, The Iron Claw. The movie centers around The Von Erich family and their ride to fame from the 60s until today, with Marshall and Ross. This won’t be the first time pro wrestling fans will be getting an up-close look at the story of The Von Erich family, season one of Dark Side of The Ring closed with the powerful episode The Last of The Von Erichs, featuring Kevin, the last surviving brother, recalling the family’s winding, and sometimes troubled road.

The Iron Claw is set to get a theatrical release later this year and will feature Zack Efron playing Kevin. Kevin told me he hasn’t been consulted much for the film but does expect it to be good based on what he has heard from those involved. Notably, he said that Kerry’s daughter was overcome by emotion and was brought to tears after meeting the actor playing Fritz, her grandfather while visiting the set. He also put over how the producers have built an exact replica of the family’s old Sportatorium venue.

With that in mind, Kevin’s still taking to the stage this summer for a one-man show to make sure The Von Erich family tale can be told directly from his mouth, as well.

“People get to know me because there’s some crazy stuff on that internet and I was afraid they’d use that for this movie, you know?” he said. “And make my Dad look terrible and make Kerry look bad. And, you know? I just couldn’t have that. My dad was a great man, and my brother Kerry, you know? The last few years of his life were the drugs but he wasn’t like that, or his whole life, just those last few years.

“So, you can’t judge him on how he ended. He was a great head that loved people and was always making a joke, you know? To keep people comfortable. He was all about people not feeling uncomfortable, or embarrassed. He’d break the ice so you could talk to him. He was just a great, great kid. He just loved fun, you know? So, I want the truth to be out there, and kind of thought if I go on, I can tell people, kind of, my version because, I don’t know what they’re gonna say. I put a lot into it.”

Kevin Von Erich’s Tales From The Top Rope seven-city tour kicks off September 1 at The Majestic Theater in Dallas, TX. Tickets for the general public go on sale today, Friday, June 2, and are available at The events will be hosted by noted sports reporter Dale Hansen, and will also feature appearances by legendary WCCW referee, booker, and promoter, David Manning.

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