Spoiler Regarding Karen Jarrett And Her AEW In-Ring Future

For those who were diehard Total Nonstop Action fans, Karen Jarrett may hold a special place in your heart. Infamously, the former wife of Kurt Angle became friendly with Jeff Jarrett while Kurt was going through a rough patch in his life. The two’s real-life relationship evolved following her initial exit from the promotion in 2008, and when she returned in 2011, she now accompanied her new husband, Jeff. In true pro wrestling fashion, Karen immediately confronted Kurt and declared she was going to air all their dirty divorce laundry on live TV.

Karen’s pro wrestling involvement was largely reserved for participating in soap opera-type angles, like the one involving her ex-husband. However, there is one glaring exception, when Karen was lured into an actual match in 2011 at TNA Sacrifice. Karen teamed up with her husband Jeff to take on her former husband, Kurt, and his mixed tag-team partner, Chyna. Sadly, this match was not just Karen’s only match, it was also Chyna’s last.

Overall, the bout was nothing to write home about. Karen’s participation in the actual wrestling was limited, with Kurt and Jeff carrying the bulk of the load, and Chyna hitting a few power spots. In the end, the Jarretts fell victim to a pair of ankle locks from their opponents and were left tapping out, begging for mercy.

It appears as if Karen will get another chance to pick up an in-ring victory, as last night’s AEW: Rampage taping, taking place alongside Dynamite, saw a very unique match announced. According to PWInsider, the taping began with Jeff Jarrett, still going strong, calling out AEW referee Aubrey Edwards over perceived issues he had with her officiating. This is most likely stemming from Karen laying out Edwards with a guitar shot at AEW Double or Nothing.

This led Mark Briscoe to come out and announce that he had a six-person, mixed tag match sanctioned by AEW management that will see him team up with Edwards and Papa Briscoe, his real-life father, against Jay Lethal, Jeff, and his wife, Karen. Yes, you read that right.

At this time, there is no word on when that match will take place. This segment will play out on tomorrow night’s AEW: Rampage on TNT, and may shed light on when it will go down.