Big Update On The Future Of John Cena’s Peacemaker Series

John Cena took the world of pop culture by storm early last year when his new series Peacemaker debuted on the then-HBO Max platform. The DC comic book-inspired show is a spin-off from another popular DC-inspired franchise, Suicide Squad, in which Cena had portrayed Peacemaker a few months earlier on the big screen. Everything from the show’s dance number opener to the juvenile comedy seemed to delight fans of all ages, pro wrestling or otherwise.

In an exclusive interview with Inside Of You, Peacemaker’s director, and the man who will be all things DC for the next several years, James Gunn, addressed whether we have seen the end of the Peacemaker series since he has so many other projects going on at the same time.

“No,” he denied. “Peacemaker’s coming back right after Superman. That’s my next thing.”

He noted that he is also working on another DC series called Waller that uses a lot of the same people who work on Peacemaker. So, that will have to wrap before anything involving another season of Peacemaker can begin. The host also asked if Gunn had any plans for a Suicide Squad sequel, which could also see Cena return as Peacemaker, but at this time, the famed director says he has no plans for another installment.

“If I can tell a great TV story, like doing Peacemaker was absolutely great for me, you know?” he said in regard to making time for the Cena series. “Doing a movie is absolutely great. If I’m proud of what I’m putting out, I’m really happy that it doesn’t really matter to me what that story is.”

When Peacemaker returns it will be to the new Max platform that was rolled out about a month ago by Warner Brothers Discovery. The new platform sees all of the content that HBO Max used to carry, along with live sports, and other content like the AEW: All Access program. So, for the first time, it looks like Cena and AEW may share some space, even if it is just thumbnail graphics next to each other.

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