Carlito Has Reportedly Re-Signed With WWE

At WWE Backlash, Bad Bunny stole the show with Damian Priest as the two put on a more-than-memorable San Juan Street Fight. The match was filled with plunder, and big spots, like Priest dropping Bunny off production equipment and through a table with his patented Broken Arrow maneuver. As cool as those brutal spots were, it is probably the various run-ins during the match that many fans will remember for years to come. Notably, Carlito made his triumphant return to the promotion, receiving a massive reaction from the live crowd in attendance.

The huge pop for Carlito in Puerto Rico is unsurprising due to his family’s long pro wrestling ties to the island but it was still impressive, regardless. With the fans on their feet, Carlito, Savio Vega, and the LWO helped Bunny fend off The Judgment Day to pick up the victory. Following the bout, many started to wonder what the future of the former Intercontinental Champion looks like with the promotion, and it wasn’t long before he was spotted down in Orlando, reportedly on official WWE business.

On this morning’s Wrestling Observer Radio, it was noted that Carlito was booked for an independent show in Canada on July 15 but had to call the promoter, Devin “Hannibal” Nicholson, to let him know that he had signed with WWE, and would not be able to appear. So, while it was not confirmed, it does seem possible that the apple-spitting Superstar could be headed back to WWE TV.

If Carlito does make his way back into the world of sports entertainment he may continue his alliance with the LWO. When he came to the aide of Bunny at Backlash, he did so wearing an LWO shirt and could still be seen wearing it as the triumphant babyfaces lifted the international music megastar onto their shoulders.