LA Knight Comments On Being Left Off WWE WrestleMania 39 – Exclusive

In January of this year, WWE began to set the stage for their biggest show of the year, WWE WrestleMania 39, at the Royal Rumble, which took place in San Antonio. The Rumble saw a few breakout performances, including GUNTHER, who nearly won the men’s Rumble after entering at number one but fell short to Cody Rhodes. One bout that, unfortunately, did not grab fans with the same excitement as the rest of the Rumble card was Bray Wyatt versus LA Knight in a Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match.

The match saw both men in fluorescent paint wrestling around in the dark with the Mountain Dew logo in the center of the mat. It came to a head when Wyatt dragged Knight outside the ring, where the braggadocious star was met with a leap off scaffolding from Wyatt’s accomplice, Uncle Howdy. Following the match, Wyatt briefly teased a feud with Bobby Lashley before disappearing from WWE TV altogether, and he has not been seen again since.

LA Knight, on the other hand, has taken whatever opportunities have been given to him and has made the best of the television time he’s been allotted. While Knight hasn’t been featured on a WWE premium live event since the Rumble, he did make a run at trying to get on the WWE WrestleMania 39 card, which was being held in LA, his namesake, of course. Unfortunately, Knight’s attempt was too late because, in the end, he didn’t make it onto the card for either night of Mania.

Knight commented on being left off this year’s big event in an exclusive Haus of Wrestling interview held earlier today at the WWE Money In The Bank media junket.

“How do you have an LA WrestleMania without LA Night?” he asked. “The better question is, how does LA feel? And I’m not talking about me; I’m talking about the city because you had a lot of people who descended upon that city to see one guy, and you could feel that when we were at Smackdown the night before. You could feel that when we were at the Hall of Fame, and, so, I think a lot of people missed out. Better luck next time; you figure it out.”

Knight will have a chance to make a big statement tomorrow night at WWE Money In The Bank as he competes in the men’s Money In The Bank match, with many fans hoping he takes home the coveted briefcase

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