AEW All In Could Reportedly Break Major Attendance Record

WWE Money In The Bank is in the books, and now it is solidly All Elite Wrestling’s turn to take over London with their upcoming show, AEW All In. The original All In event was held in 2018 and was produced by Ring of Honor, along with The Elite’s Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. That event sold more than 10,000 tickets, a number that Dave Meltzer had said was not possible for ROH at the time, and served as the precursor to what fans now know as All Elite Wrestling.

It is only appropriate that the All In name is dusted off for another potentially historic attendance record, albeit on a much larger scale. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that AEW All In from Wembley Stadium currently has 75,030 tickets out, and about 68,000 of those are paid for a current gate of $8.6 million. As of now, it is the seventh largest pro wrestling attendance in history, and if they can move around 6,000 more tickets, it will take the top spot for the largest attendance for a pro wrestling event ever.

The current title-holder is 2016’s WWE WrestleMania 32, which was held at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX. That show boasted 80,709 fans, and it is worth noting that AEW has Wembley Stadium set up to accommodate 87,825 fans. The paid fan attendance record is 79,800 tickets, which was noted as not an impossible number to overcome but will be difficult.

At this time, there are no matches announced for AEW All In, which makes the ticket sales for the event somewhat more impressive. As big matches are announced, it is totally possible we will see more fans try to pluck up the remaining seats. It was noted that WWE SummerSlam 1992, also held at Wembley, currently holds the UK attendance record at 79,127 fans, and if AEW were to surpass that figure, it could cause a freak-out at Titan Tower.