Grayson Waller Looks To Be On Collision Course With The Rock

Grayson Waller has never been shy about letting others know of his greatness, but this time he has found himself in the crosshairs of The Great One. Waller somehow got his hands on The Rock’s infamous Survivor Series 1996 gear from his WWE debut inside Madison Square Garden and decided to try it on while taunting the Hollywood A-lister on social media.

“Can you imagine making your debut in Madison Square Garden, of all places?” he said with a laugh. “And you wear something like this? I’m gonna put this on. Oh my God! Oh my gosh, this is so cringe. Do you smell what I’m cooking?”

This is not the first time in recent memory that Waller has attempted to rile up a WWE legend. At Money In The Bank, John Cena made a surprise appearance and decided to tease the audience with a possible future WrestleMania taking place in London. Waller decided to insert himself into the segment, advocating for his home country of Australia to host the big event instead, garnering boos from the crowd in attendance. Waller then blindsided Cena and began beating him down before the Doctor of Thuganomics powered up and dropped him with an FU.

Similarly, Waller’s actions caught the attention of Dwayne Johnson, who couldn’t drop the young star with a Rock Bottom in person but did decide to lay into him with a brief social media promo.

“Man you’re right! That outfit was so cringe,” he began. “Here’s what’s more cringe – the fact you look and sound like you dropped out of some jabroni’s balloon knot. Nice haircut, you Outback Jack Off. Ps, my cringe debut outfit was all @TripleH’s idea.”

With the fish on the hook, the WWE Smackdown star decided to try to reel in the megastar with an offer to join him on WWE TV.

“Ouch! Those classic 1999 schoolyard insults really still hit,” Waller shot back. “You still have an open invitation to be a guest on The Grayson Waller Effect though! Sounds like you’re in desperate need of the Grayson Waller rub #GWEffect

The groundwork has now been laid for Johnson to share space with Waller, much like Cena did just weeks ago. If the segment does take place, it is possible it will happen at WWE’s next big premium live event, SummerSlam, or down the road at Survivor Series in Chicago or WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia. When and if it does happen, Waller better come up with a better game plan than he did with Cena in London.