Zelina Vega Praises WWE’s ‘Incredible’ Twitch Deal – Exclusive

On November 13, 2020, WWE came to terms with Zelina Vega on her release from the company. Considering her popularity, and in-ring abilities, it was a surprising move that left many scratching their heads. In the wake of her release, news began to break that she was exiting the promotion because she had violated a controversial WWE edict regarding third-party platforms.

At the time, Vince McMahon had a rule in place that talent could not supplement their income using platforms like Twitch, Cameo, and OnlyFans. Anyone who violated the rule would be subject to fines, suspension, or termination. Undaunted, The current LWO member continued her Twitch streaming, opened an OnlyFans page, and was charging a $30 per month subscription. Effectively thumbing her nose at McMahon’s rule, she became the first victim of the edict after WWE was said to feel “boxed in” by her actions.

Vega’s release, and the reasoning behind it, resulted in outrage from the WWE fans, and nearly eight months later, she was re-hired, immediately being inserted into the women’s Money In The Bank match, which she lost. Since her return, WWE has announced a multi-year partnership with Twitch to allow its performers, including Vega, to return to the platform and keep the lion’s share of their earnings.

In a Haus of Wrestling exclusive interview conducted at the WWE Money In The Bank media junket, I asked Vega what she thought of WWE’s new deal with Twitch.

“I think it’s incredible because it’s delving into a crowd that, you know, oh my gosh, there’s an audience that relates to us,” she said. “Whether it’s because of gaming or anime or any of the reasons I got over on Twitch, it’s just nice that I get to connect with those fans again and bring them over to WWE. Whether they were wrestling fans when they were kids or whatever it is, I get to bring them over to WWE and vice versa.”

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