Huge Israel Show With Sting Not Going Forward As Scheduled – Exclusive

Earlier this month, Haus of Wrestling reported that Sting, Rob Van Dam, and other high-profile pro wrestlers would head to Jerusalem, Israel, to present the Global Pro Wrestling Summit. Unfortunately, Haus of Wrestling has learned that due to a series of issues, the event will not go forward as scheduled.

You can find Global Pro Wrestling’s full statement to Haus of Wrestling regarding the situation below.

We regret to announce that the Global Pro Wrestling Summit event will not be going forward, as scheduled for the Pais Arena in Jerusalem on September 14, 2023.

The promoter, All-Stars Israel/Stagetime, is in breach of contract on numerous fronts, inclusive of not delivering deposits to talent as stipulated in the contracts, and has been duly notified that the contracted talent (which includes ALL non-Israeli talent being advertised for the event) will NOT be appearing.  THIS promoter has been advised to pull advertisements/promotions containing talent from all platforms and to cease selling tickets immediately in connection with the advertisement/promotion of any of these talents.

In the interest of protecting consumers from fraud, we’ve notified both the Pais Arena and the on-sale platform –Ticket Tailor—that the event, as currently being advertised/promoted by All-Stars Israel/Stagetime, is not going forward.

In the process of producing this event, first-class teams in both the US and Israel have been assembled.  Talented professionals such as Rick Bassman. Scarlette Donovan, Todd Keneley, Alon Levin, Jeramie McPeek, Oren Treitman, Pete Trerice, Danny Ly Ziser, and others have put forth a consistently excellent and thoroughly conscientious effort to build and advance what we all hoped would be an unforgettable and wholly-positive experience, for talent and “office” alike, and especially, for the fans.

That said, with this large volume of good work behind us, including booking an unparallel card and having a solid commitment for pay-per-view, we’re all hard at work trying to “save” this event by aligning with a reputable, major promotional entity. Progress is being made, with REPUTABLE promoters, both in Israel and in other territories. In the event we are to move forward on the September 14 date, we will provide updates accordingly, and all ticket sales for Pais will be honored at the new venue.  That said, fans who have purchased tickets thus far may wish to elect to request a refund through Ticket Tailor, the platform All-Stars Israel engaged. 

A couple of personal notes from our team… doing this show has gotten into our blood.  It has been a true pleasure forming a relationship between the US and Israeli teams who have been working so hard on this together, as it has been getting to know the wonderful pro wrestling talent in Israel.

If September 14 does not come to fruition, we will regroup, and continue to put forth our best efforts to bring world-class professional wrestling to Israel in the very near future.  But… we’re still fighting the good fight! In any case, we PLEDGE… a “new” event will be announced ONLY when ALL funding is in place. 

Stay tuned… 


The Global Pro Wrestling Summit Team