AEW All In Will Reportedly Be Carried On PPV; More Details

This past Saturday, CM Punk told everyone what is in the red velvet bag he’s been carrying, the “real” AEW World Championship. While doing so, he also referred to AEW All In, taking place at Wembley Stadium in London, and alluded to the fact he would be in action at the event. If he does wind up competing and puts his “real” world title on the line, there are many possible marquee opponents he could go up against, including the currently recognized AEW World Champion, MJF.

Punk and MJF reigniting the feud, this time with gold on the line, and in front of 80,000 screaming fans, no less, is a tantalizing proposal. Until now, fans that won’t be in the stadium for the historic show have been left in the dark about how they will be able to enjoy it. Earlier this month, Tony Khan assured everyone that if they want to watch AEW All In, they will be able to, but he fell short of offering any details beyond that, although he did hint that Bleacher Report may carry it like they have done many other big AEW shows.

Wrestling Observer reported over the weekend that AEW All In will be available as a PPV through Comcast and will be priced at $50. It was also said that it would be available courtesy of InDemand and should be readily available by all cable systems.

Wrestlenomics spoke with a representative from Comcast, who confirmed that report and noted that the price would be $49.99. They clarified that the show will be available digitally on InDemand’s platform for those living in Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. The price for each country will vary. In the United States, DirectTV will make the show available for purchase to its twelve million satellite cable subscribers on channel 106.

Andrew Zarian, the first person to report that AEW All In will be available as a PPV, also states that Joe Hand Promotions will be airing the PPV at multiple movie theaters across the United States like they have done for other AEW PPVs in the past. While it is possible that AEW All In will also stream courtesy of Bleacher Report, as Khan teased, there is no confirmation on that but it seems likely.