Chelsea Green Has A New WWE Women’s Tag Champ Partner

In light of Sonya Deville’s recent injury, a torn ACL, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Chelsea Green went into tonight’s WWE Raw in search of a new partner. Though she had planned on holding tryouts for a new partner, Piper Niven made her presence known during a conversation between Green, Adam Pearce, and the tag team of Kayden Carter and Katana Chance. Taking out Carter and Chance, Niven grabbed one of the title belts from Green and declared herself the new champion. Looking on in mixed shock and horror, Green had no choice but to agree.

After the segment, Green made her thoughts clear on Twitter.

“Are we sure this is allowed?” Green asked. “I really think she should have put her name and number on the #ChelseasGotTalent signup sheets but okay.”

Since introducing the championship in 2019, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships have gone through a tumultuous few years. The last 15 months have been particularly punishing, dating back to the departure of Sasha Banks, now known as Mercedes Mone, and Naomi, who performs in Impact Wrestling as Trinity. In May, Women’s Tag Team Champion Liv Morgan suffered a shoulder injury that forced herself and her partner Raquel Rodriguez to vacate the titles. They would later regain the belts in July, but lost them a few weeks later to Green and Deville.

Deville’s injury is just the latest obstacle for the division, and it now seems Niven will look to carry the torch alongside Green, whether she likes it or not. Since returning to WWE earlier this year, Deville has been able to steadily increase her prominence on TV, putting in impressive performances on a regular basis leading up to the current title run.