Mustafa Ali Debuts New Political Persona On WWE NXT

WWE star Mustafa Ali debuted a new version of his character on this week’s edition of WWE NXT, with Ali later posting the video package on X. In the video, with his sights firmly set on the WWE NXT North American Championship held by Dominik Mysterio, Ali stood behind a podium, giving a speech to the “esteemed citizens of North America.” Wearing a suit and speaking in the cadence of a stereotypical American politician, Ali accused both Mysterio and former champion Wes Lee of failing to live up to their responsibilities as North American Champions.

“The people of North America deserve better,” Ali said. “They deserve someone who is a champion both inside and outside of the ring. I am the North American Champion that we need. I will elevate the North American Championship to unparalleled heights, all while inspiring millions across the continent that they, too, can do incredible things – the right way.” Like a political advertisement, the video featured cuts from Ali to a sunset, a blooming flower, a woman watching Ali on TV, and waving flags from Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

“You will rise,” Ali continued. “You will reach out. You will take my hand and believe in a greater North American Champion. Believe that in Ali you can trust.” Though Ali’s words seem hopeful on the surface, there is an undeniable ominous undertone to the video, hinting that this isn’t going to be an inspirational babyface gimmick for Ali.

This isn’t the first time Ali has attempted to sharpen a political edge into his character, though it seems WWE has fully committed to the decision this time around. Back in November 2021, Ali grabbed a microphone after a loss to Drew McIntyre, accusing fans of booing him simply because of his name. Afterward, Ali had plans to integrate politics into his onscreen presentation but they were shut down. A few weeks later, the WWE star posted a video package to X, with many direct similarities to the video package played on NXT this week.