Lufisto On CM Punk: ‘A True Gentleman, A Class Act, And Fun’

Prior to WWE SummerSlam, Shine, and Shimmer veteran Lufisto gave an interview to Fightful detailing her time working backstage at AEW for an episode of Dark. Her comments sent shockwaves through the pro wrestling universe as she accused Tony Khan of taking the AEW women’s division back to WWE’s Diva’s Era and called out what she saw as harmful politicking among the female roster. She pointed to Britt Baker by name as someone she heard hurt other women in the locker room with her backstage antics.

Lufisto also took issue with an interaction she had with Dustin Rhodes and Ruby Soho. As she described it, she walked into a room where the two were talking, and they quickly stopped. She believes they were talking about her, and following the encounter, she described Rhodes’ demeanor changing and him making derogatory comments about her French Canadian heritage, insinuating she was an “asshole.”

In the wake of the allegations, Ruby Soho, Renee Paquette, and other female members of the AEW roster have spoken out against what she said on social media, and Lufisto deactivated her X account following harassment. Lufisto is now back on X, and she’s giving praise to someone who has caused a lot of controversy this week, CM Punk.

“One person’s PERSONAL experience is NOT… A) The gospel truth B) Facts C) Anything but one perspective influenced by PERSONAL experience and interaction,” she began. “Every time I met @CMPunk, he was always a true gentleman, a class act, and fun to be around.”

Punk has been the center of attention since Saturday night when he cut a post-Collision promo taking shots at “Hangman” Adam Page and The Elite. Haus of Wrestling broke the news that Punk was unhappy with how the comments came across, as he was only trying to joke around with the fans in attendance. He has since apologized to Page for the comments in a text message, but there is no word on if Page has responded.