Rush Was Adamant Two AEW Stars Be Booked On TripleMania – Exclusive

Article Note: This post has been updated to note that “some in and around the AAA main event were confused” as opposed to AAA as a whole.

This past Saturday night, AAA presented the third and final installment of their TripleMania 2023 series, capped by a Four-Way Hair vs Mask main event. In the every-man-for-himself match, Psycho Clown and L.A. Park put their masks on the line, while Sam Adonis and AEW star Rush put their hair in jeopardy. In the end, Psycho Clown picked up the pinfall victory over Adonis, who had his head shaved in the ring and was showered by trash and boos from the fans.

The only man to come to the ring with an entourage for the bout was Rush, who was accompanied by La Bestia del Ring, Dralistico, Preston Vance, and Jose the Assistant. Haus of Wrestling has learned that the entourage could have been smaller because Vance and Jose were only on the card at the behest of Rush. Rush was adamant that Tony Khan wanted the two men in his corner, even though some in and around the AAA main event were confused about why they were there because they did not request them. We have reached out to Khan for comment about the request and have not heard back at this time. If we do, we will revise this post.

This was not the first instance of tension over booking between Rush and AAA. On top of the tension with Rush over creative, there also sounds like there was tension between L.A. Park and Konnan as well. The two have openly spoken negatively about each other in the past, so that is not as surprising. As for the other two men in the main event, Psycho Clown and Adonis, we were only told positive things about how they carried themselves backstage, especially considering some of the drama that surrounded the big match behind the scenes.

While poking around, we also heard good things about AAA’s progress toward getting a major TV deal in the United States. We were told that within a year and a half, a deal could be announced and that the company feels they can make a significant mark in the United States considering the hugely underserved Latino market. Konnan, in particular, sounds like he is ready to show that lucha libre can be viable north of the border.