Shelton Benjamin Attempting To Revive Classic WWE Theme

Shelton Benjamin has had a turbulent time in WWE since his return in 2017. After a short-lived tag team run with Chad Gable, Benjamin made sporadic appearances across RAW and SmackDown until finding his footing with the original Hurt Business in mid-2020. He and Cedric Alexander won the RAW Tag Team Championship and held the belts for just under three months before losing them to The New Day.

The two have since broken away from The Hurt Business and have continued to team together, having faced Indus Sher on RAW together this past June, albeit to middling success. However, Benjamin believes returning to a specific part of his WWE roots could turn the tide on his career – specifically bringing back his iconic original WWE entrance theme ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me!’ Unfortunately, the 3-time Intercontinental Champion hasn’t had much luck reviving it.

“I have been trying. Fans, anyone listening: I have been trying,” Benjamin said on Insight With Chris Van Vilet. I’ve asked over and over, I haven’t stopped. I’m still trying and I just keep going. I was making it very public that I don’t like my theme music and I want my old music. For reasons that I don’t know if I’m even willing to accept that they may be true, they just haven’t succeeded to give me back my old music. I want it too!”

Benjamin believes his pleas for the song’s return behind the scenes aren’t quite enough and has now urged fans to make their voices heard during his matches to get the company’s attention. “You know what, what I think is fans should just chant it anyway while I’m in the ring,” He continued. “If you want to send a message, me asking is enough, you fans have to demand it.”

Benjamin used ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me’ during his successful solo run from 2004 to 2008, during which he became the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of the millennium at 244 days. His record was only recently broken after 18 years by current champion Gunther who eclipsed Benjamin’s reign in February earlier this year.

The Gold Standard went on to use a slight variation of the song from 2008 until his release from the company in April 2010 and has, in fact, used this version of the theme since his return to WWE. Following the break-up of his team with Chad Gable in 2018, Benjamin adopted the theme once more – using it for the first time in over eight years during a live event in Prague, Czech Republic. However, its use has been exclusive to non-televised live events.

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