Leatherface Is #AllElite

Leatherface, the infamous antagonist of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre horror franchise, debuted on tonight’s AEW Dynamite. The appearance came during a Texas Chain Saw Massacre Death Match, with Jeff Jarrett taking on Jeff Hardy in the bout. Both men had a number of allies on their side as the match spilled to the back and around the arena, with Leatherface showing up near the match’s conclusion.

The horror icon terrorized Karen Jarrett, preventing her from interfering further. However, the aid of Leatherface wasn’t enough, as Jay Lethal and Satnam Singh helped Jarrett pick up the win over Hardy. Leatherface’s appearance was teased by Jeff Jarrett this morning, who seemed under the impression that the slasher legend would be on his side. It was quite the opposite, but things still turned in Jarrett’s favor by the end.

Tonight’s Texas Chain Saw Massacre Death Match was another example of AEW’s ability to cross-promote other Warner Bros. Discovery brands – this time, a new video game. The wrestling promotion has previously held Shark Week-themed episodes, as well as a special House of the Dragon edition of Dynamite, promoting HBO’s then-new Game of Thrones spin-off.

Since joining AEW last year, Jarrett has seen a surprising amount of success. The veteran, who has been in the industry since the days of the territory system, serves as AEW’s Director of Business Development in addition to his onscreen role. It looks as though Jarrett and his group are now entering a feud with the Hardy brothers and their allies, with more matches to come between the factions.