Baron Corbin Hoping For Organic Kofi-Mania Type Push – Exclusive

Baron Corbin was left undrafted earlier this year in the WWE Draft, as neither the Raw or Smackdown brand chose to include the star as part of their roster. The unfortunate turn of events left the former Happy Corbin a free agent, and many worried about what the future held for him, especially considering his brief and somewhat forgettable pairing with JBL. In spite of that concern, Corbin returned to WWE NXT and has reinvigorated fan interest in himself with impressive matches against WWE NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes, Ilja Dragunov, and others.

In a Haus of Wrestling exclusive interview conducted during WWE SummerSlam week, Corbin opened up about a WWE live event he feels began the shift in momentum he is experiencing with the fans.

“I did a show in Paris, and it was the greatest reaction in my entire life,” he said of the show, which took place in late April of this year. “It almost brought a tear to my eye; it was so surreal because, to me, that was a culmination of ten years of hard work, and it will forever be ingrained in my mind and body. When I debuted in Dallas, 100,000 people; we talk about that feeling and searching for that feeling again because you can’t replicate it.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to replicate what happened in Paris because it was so surreal. But that was kind of the beginning. So now it kind of feels good. People are appreciating what I’m doing, and Shawn (Michaels), like I said, is not going to make us choose evil or good or whatever. He’s going to let the fans decide, and then it’s organic.

“If you think about all the Kofi-Mania, Daniel Bryan stuff, that was all organic. That was the people buying into, you know, Kofi and Daniel, and it was special because it was organic. And I think we might get something like that now, and it could be really cool.”

You can find a video of the thunderous reaction Corbin received in Paris courtesy of the tweet below.

Baron Corbin will face Von Wagner, managed by Mr. Stone, this Tuesday night at WWE NXT Heatwave.

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