Edge Defeats Sheamus In Rumored WWE Retirement Match

Tonight’s episode of WWE Smackdown featured WWE Hall of Famer Edge taking on three-time WWE Champion Sheamus in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. Last Friday on WWE Friday Night Smackdown, Edge called out The Celtic Warrior for a match, noting their years of friendship and how they had never shared a one-on-one match in a WWE ring. Sheamus was happy to accept the offer but left the question lingering: Did Edge bite off more than he was asking for?

It was just a year ago that Edge was teasing he would retire in Toronto, and yesterday he confirmed that the final match on his WWE contract would be taking place on Smackdown while also questioning whether he will continue wrestling. He noted that once he entered the locker room, he would make his decision, teasing he may recant on his promise to retire in Toronto a year ago.

Tonight’s episode of WWE Smackdown featured the one-on-one match between the two men taking place in the main event. Both veterans waged war against one another, but, in the end, Edge came out on top, following a spear on Sheamus. Following the bout, there were flashes of Edge’s wife, WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, and his daughters cheering him on, as well as a hug from the Irish Superstar. There wasn’t much time for celebration as the feed quickly cut to a commercial once the show was over.

Haus of Wrestling is working to find out whether this match served as Edge’s retirement bout.