AAA Plans To Pair Sam Adonis Up With AEW Star – Exclusive

In the main event of the final night of AAA TripleMania XXXI, the promotion’s top heel, or rudo, Sam Adonis, lost to AEW star Rush, L.A. Park, and long-time nemesis Psycho Clown in a fatal four-way match. It was no ordinary loss, either, as, per the Mask vs. Hair stipulation, after eating a pinfall defeat, Psycho Clown grabbed a pair of shears and shaved Adonis’ hair bald. The fans in attendance went wild, cheering on the beloved psychotic circus performer and raining down boos, and beer, on the cocky American.

Adonis and Psycho Clown have been at odds, and occasionally on the same side, in AAA since last year. The chemistry between the two wrestlers has consistently delivered, and with AAA looking to expand more into the United States over the next year, paired with Adonis’ verbal skills, it seems like the kind of feud that could translate north of the border.

In a Haus of Wrestling exclusive interview, I asked Konnan if this were a program he would be building around further as AAA expands into the States.

“That feud is over, bro,” Konnan confirmed. “Once you lose your hair, or your mask, to somebody, that feud is kind of over. We could revisit it; you know what I’m saying? But that probably won’t be a central focus.”

For fans of the Adonis and Psycho Clown feud, the news that their program is done isn’t welcome. However, Konnan revealed he has plans on the horizon for Adonis to team up with one of AEW’s most influential stars.

“I think we’re going to probably put QT (Marshall) and Sam Adonis together as a team because I think that would click really good.”

QT Marshall currently heads his QTV faction in AEW, also consisting of Aaron Solo, Harley Cameron, and Johnny TV. Marshall captured the vacant AAA Latin American Championship on the final night of TripleMania XXXI. The title was previously held by Fenix, who relinquished it after not being able to defend it on a regular basis. Fightful reports that Marshall is currently in contract talks with AEW and that a short extension has been discussed and is likely but has not been signed.

My full conversation with Konnan is available on the Haus of Wrestling YouTube channel and podcast feed.

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