CM Punk Left AEW All In Of His Own Accord, And More – Exclusive

All Elite Wrestling presented its most financially successful and well-attended show in history yesterday, AEW: All In London. The big event was capped off by an emotional main event that saw MJF successfully defend his AEW World Championship against his best friend, or “Brochacho,” Adam Cole. While the show delivered action in the ring, it was action behind the curtain that grabbed many fans’ attention, as well. Shortly after the event was underway, Fightful reported that an altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry took place moments before the pay-per-view went live, something Tony Khan acknowledged during the post-show media scrums.

On the Zero Hour pre-show, Perry was dropped by HOOK onto his limousine’s windshield before turning the tables and diving onto HOOK, who was lying on the glass surface. After getting to his feet, Perry looked into the camera and said, “It’s real glass, cry me a river,” a shot at Punk over their recent backstage disagreement in regard to the use of real glass versus gimmicked glass in pro wrestling.

Reports regarding the actual altercation between Punk and Perry backstage at AEW All In and the subsequent aftermath have differed. With some saying Punk initiated the confrontation and others claiming it was Perry who acted first. After asking around, here is what Haus of Wrestling can report it has heard regarding the situation.

From what we are told, Punk was waiting in the Gorilla position before the show went live for his match against Samoa Joe when Perry entered the area and walked up to him. Punk initiated the verbal exchange between the two, asking Perry if he had something to say, and the conversation quickly escalated, leading to Perry asking Punk to “do something about it.”

This is when Punk shoved Perry, Perry responded by shoving Punk back, and then Punk put him in what is being described as a chokehold. We’re told Punk viewed putting Perry in a chokehold as a way to neutralize the situation, as he’s a trained fighter and does not want to have to fight Perry. No punches were thrown, as far as we know.

Punk then walked to his dressing room, got cleaned up, and spoke with AEW security. Punk, knowing that the situation was not good, asked them if it would be better for everyone if he left the building and was told that nobody was asking him to leave, but it might make things easier if he did. Punk agreed, left the building of his own accord, walked to his hotel, and ordered Nandos for some of the talent, whom he met up with after the show.

From what we gather, it does not sound like there has been much, if any, communication between Punk and AEW since last night. Considering everything that is going on, it is fair to say that Punk’s future with AEW, and pro wrestling in general, appears to be questionable. We will continue to bring you more on this situation as it develops.