The IInspiration Re-Sparked Their Love Of Tag Wrestling After WWE – Exclusive

During their run in WWE as The IIconics, The IInspiration captured the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships and had a handful of, pun intended, iconic moments. Unfortunately for fans of the duo, they were split up in the 2020 WWE Draft and released from the promotion a few months later. Rumors quickly swirled that the tandem could be bound for WWE’s direct competition, AEW, where Cassie Lee’s husband, Shawn Spears, works. To the surprise of many, they chose to sign with Impact Wrestling instead, where they wrestled for a little less than a year and captured the Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

In an exclusive Haus of Wrestling interview, The IInspiration’s Jessica McKay explained why they chose to sign with Impact, as opposed to other promotions like AEW.

“It just felt like the right step to make,” she said. “It was something that we had kind of spoken about together. There are a lot of things that have to come together to make something work, and Impact just came together. That was the right time for us. It felt good. We liked the schedule, it being a little bit more relaxed, because we had been at home kind of out of the wrestling bubble for a little bit, and we knew that we wanted to try and maintain that balance.

“So, it just felt good, and we know we had known a lot of the girls in the locker room, but never like worked with them inside the ring. So, it was just an exciting time for us, and then we also just had a fun time kind of rebranding and evolving our characters, which was so much fun. I remember Cass came over one day, and I said, okay, and I sat her down, and I had a computer set up, and I was like, ‘We could do this and this and this and this.’ And it was kind of like just getting the ball rolling.

And she’s like, ‘Oh, what about this, and we’ll do that.’ And it was just really fun, and we had kind of lost that fun, and we hadn’t teamed up for so long. So, it was kind of like re-sparking our love for tag team wrestling at the moment. So just kind of all fit into place.”

My full interview with The IInspiration is now available on the Haus of Wrestling YouTube channel and podcast feed.

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