Conor McGregor Pitches Bizarre WWE Character In Deleted Post

Conor McGregor has dipped his toes into the world of WWE and professional wrestling as a whole several times in the past. In his most notable tease earlier this year, McGregor hinted at a WWE run with a fanmade graphic of him holding the WWE Championship and a UFC World Championship accompanied by the hashtag “#itsinevitable,” after WWE was purchased by the UFC’s parent company Endeavor earlier this year.

The tweet attracted the attention of Roman Reigns’ Special Counsel Paul Heyman, who claimed McGregor was simply a “wannabe” of The Tribal Chief. The Irish MMA star got the final word in though and threatened the 57-year-old Heyman: “Careful Grampa. I’ll show up and break your jaw in 3 places,” McGregor responded.

Now the three-time UFC champion has once again teased a move to the world of professional wrestling and unveiled a whole new persona for his WWE character. In a post to X (formerly Twitter) last night, McGregor pitched the frankly bizarre Ron McMahon, who would seemingly be a long-forgotten relation of WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon out for revenge.

“My WWE character. The babyface boss, Ron McMahon,” McGregor wrote. “I specialize in ambush, and power control. Abandoned by the family in Ireland but made my own fortune brewing alcohol. And now I’m back. And boy am I pissed — @WWE @VinceMcMahon.” Oddly, the post has since been deleted from McGregor’s account and has not been reposted at the time of writing.

Whilst McGregor has dropped many teases of a potential run in WWE, he has yet to ever appear on the company’s programming. However, those within the promotion would clearly be interested in such a move. Speaking on The MMA Hour last month, SmackDown’s Grayson Waller advocated for McGregor to join WWE – pointing out the success Logan Paul has found wrestling part-time and claimed there was plenty of money to be made.