Footage Reportedly Exists Of CM Punk And Jack Perry Incident

This past weekend at AEW All In: London, an altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry occurred moments before the pay-per-view went live. Accounts of the actual confrontation between the two men have varied, but the generally agreed-to facts are that an argument led to shoving and, eventually, Punk putting Perry in some kind of chokehold before both were quickly separated. Samoa Joe was reportedly the man to break up the melee, and Tony Khan apparently had monitors fall on him because of it, as well.

Fightful reports that AEW is continuing to gather statements from those present as part of its internal investigation but did not say if the investigation has concluded or drawn any conclusions. Interestingly, the report noted that video footage of the altercation exists, as there are cameras all over Wembley Stadium due to security concerns. Following the altercation, there was apparently a contentious interaction between Punk and Khan, which is in line with what we have reported about The Second City Saint yelling at the AEW President that the company was “a zoo” or something to that degree.

For those holding out hope this could all be some kind of work, we can report what Fightful is, which is that this is not. The Elite camp continues to refuse to sit down with Punk, and the open wound between them seems to be at the center of these continued issues. For his part, Punk was able to get away from the chaos for a few days, as he has been in Las Vegas at the Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion, accepting the Iron Mike Mazurki Award. Photos of him from the event show him all smiles with the likes of WWE Hall of Famers Rey Mysterio and Mickie James.

AEW All Out takes place this Sunday night, and, as of now, Punk and Perry remain suspended, casting their participation in the show into question. Ricky Starks will call out Ricky Steamboat on Collision for a Strap Match at the pay-per-view, and unless someone else steps up to fill Steamboat’s spot, that match will round out a Punk-less card.