Thunder Rosa Could Reportedly Return To AEW TV ‘Any Time’

On the November 23, 2022, episode of AEW: Dynamite, Thunder Rosa officially relinquished the AEW Women’s Championship due to injury. The decision to have Rosa officially stripped of her title came after a few months of her holding onto it while an interim champion was crowned. Toni Storm went on to become the initial interim champion but was dethroned by Jamie Hayter after just seventy-six days. Once Rosa relinquished her title, both women’s reigns were recognized as official AEW Women’s Championship reigns.

The former AEW Women’s Champion has been dealing with a back injury ever since and has sporadically given updates on her recovery courtesy of her vlog and Busted Open Radio. Fightful reports that Rosa could return to AEW action at “any time,” seeming to confirm she has been cleared by doctors to compete. As of late, she has been working as a Spanish commentator for the company and was last seen on-screen backstage on an episode of Dynamite before Collision’s debut, teasing that she would be a part of that brand.

The report goes on to say that Rosa will return to AEW TV as soon as there is creative in place for her, which may not be imminent. Obviously, it would seem Rosa has a logical bone to pick with current AEW Women’s Champion Saraya, who just won the title at AEW: All In London. Since Rosa was never pinned or submitted for the belt, much like how CM Punk wasn’t for his, she may lay claim to being the “Real AEW Women’s World Champion.” It seems doubtful that she’ll spray-paint a black X on her own championship, but you never know.

There are also programs in the wings with Storm and Hayter, who held the title while she was down with injury. The topic of Rosa’s injury and skepticism around it has run rampant in the last thirteen months and was a talking point on AEW: All Access, which is now the lone piece of AEW content available on Max.