Former WWE Star Meat Sends Message To Tony Khan

AEW has gone wild for MEAT lately thanks to bizarre meat-related chants that broke out during Miro and Powerhouse Hobbs’ match at AEW All Out this past weekend. The reaction even prompted a response from AEW President Tony Khan on X (formerly Twitter) and led to AEW releasing a brand-new t-shirt in honor of the match’s response titled ‘Miro vs Hobbs – Battle Of The Meats 2023’.

The move has attracted attention across the wrestling world including that of former WWE star Shawn Stasiak. During his first run with WWE, Stasiak won the Hardcore Championship 15 times and in fact known at one point as ‘Meat’. Now, the former star has taken to X to acknowledge Meatamania taking over All Elite Wrestling and to send a message to Tony Khan!

“Hey @TonyKhan what’s up with all this ‘MEAT’ business?,” Stasiak wrote on the former Twitter. “I mean it was nice to ‘Meet’ you a couple years ago backstage but cmon man….Aged Meat when preserved well….is actually AGELESS!”

Stasiak debuted in the then-WWF under the name ‘Meat’ in April 1999 and aligned himself with the Pretty Mean Sisters faction consisting of Terri, Jacquline and Ryan Shamrock. Stasiak got the name from being likened to just a piece of meat by the group and was implied to be performing sexual acts for the trio, which negatively affected his performance in his own matches.

Stasiak dropped the gimmick within a few months and began performing under his more well-known ring name. Prior to his departure from the promotion in December 1999, his most notable match was losing to WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle in his debut match at Survivor Series.

The former Meat went on to find success in WCW, winning the WCW World Tag Team Championship with Chuck Palumbo three times before the company was acquired by WWF. He returned to the company as part of The Alliance during the Invasion storyline and went on to become a 15-time Hardcore Champion in 2002 before requesting his release from the promotion to pursue other ventures.