Von Wagner Is Fine Following Scary WWE NXT Spot – Exclusive

This past Tuesday night’s episode of WWE NXT went off the air on a harrowing note. Bron Breakker had just defeated Von Wagner in a no disqualification main event match, but the former WWE NXT Champion was not done. Breakker proceeded to tear up the steel steps on the outside, place Wagner’s head on the bottom steps, and smash his head with the top ones. Before making contact with Wagner’s skull, the camera cut to black, so the fans at home did not actually see the act, but could hear the smash and subsequent commotion going on outside the ring.

A report has been circulating over the past twenty-four hours that the steel step spot went horribly wrong, and Breakker wound up making contact with Wagner’s skull, creating chaos around the ring and backstage. A photo of Wagner being taken to the back on a stretcher, with bloody bandages wrapped around his head, has also been shared around on social media.

After speaking with multiple sources within WWE, Haus of Wrestling can confirm that the spot went as planned and that Wagner is totally fine. We have not confirmed what their plans are going forward, but it would seem the two men are on a collision course for a match at WWE NXT No Mercy later this month.

Recently, Haus of Wrestling got some time with Von Wagner’s manager, Mr. Stone, who spoke about his time in NXT and current pairing with the emotionally complicated giant.

“I mean, hands down, in my opinion, Von is a main event player,” he said. “I mean, just look at him. There’s nobody that sees Von Wagner and doesn’t look at him twice. Even if you don’t know who he is. If you’re in the food store and you walk past Von Wagner in the aisle, you’re looking back going, ‘Wow, did you see that guy’s big blonde hair, or his beard, or his size?’ I mean, he’s massive. So to me, hands down, the World Title is where Von Wagner should be going, where I want him to be going, where he wants to go, and I’m going to do everything I can to get him there.”

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