Gunther Used To Show Students Chad Gable Match – Exclusive

This past Monday night on Raw, Chad Gable unsuccessfully challenged Gunther for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. In failing to capture the title, the road became clear for Gunther to surpass The Honky Tony Man’s long-standing record and become the longest-reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion of all time. The weeks-long program with The Ring General was not a total loss for Gable, however, as many fans have credited their intense and competitive matches for elevating The Alpha Academy star’s spot in the WWE pecking order.

In an exclusive Haus of Wrestling interview recorded during WWE SummerSlam week, Gunther gave his candid thoughts on the man who nearly ended his historic reign. His comments came on the heels of the two men’s five-minute challenge match on Raw, which got the ball rolling on their feud.

“I think he’s an amazing athlete,” Gunther said. “I mean, former Olympian. What can you say? And just in general, I remember when I was still in Germany, running my wrestling school. I used to show all the students the tag match from him and Jason Jordan against The Revival back then. He’s an amazing wrestler. He’s a little bit of a goofy fella at the moment; I’m not sure if that suits him as much, and, yeah, maybe it’s needed that I’m the one that brings that other side out of him.”

Imperium is scheduled to present a celebration on tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw in honor of Gunther breaking the record for the all-time longest WWE Intercontinental Championship reign. It is possible that Gable, along with the rest of Alpha Academy, crashes the festivities, but this could also be an opportunity for fresh competition to step up to The Ring General.

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