Santana And Ortiz Exchange Heated Messages On Social Media (Updated)

Update: Haus of Wrestling has removed its previous update about how the exchanges between Santana and Ortiz’s social media exchanges are genuine and not part of a storyline. Following their angle at AEW: Dynamite Grand Slam, Fightful reported that they agreed to work together shortly before Santana’s return from injury.

On the AEW: Dynamite before AEW: All In London, Santana made his triumphant return following an ACL tear he suffered last year in Blood & Guts. He was quickly joined by his former Proud-N-Powerful tag team partner, Ortiz, as they aligned themselves with Blackpool Combat Club against The Lucha Brothers and Best Friends, setting the stage for Stadium Stampede at Wembley Stadium.

It was an exciting reunion for the fans. Still, it does not appear the two former Inner Circle members will be working together going forward based on a video Santana released on social media over the weekend.

“There comes a time in everyone’s life where you reach a fork in the road,” he began. “When you get there, there’s decisions that need to be made in order to proceed in the right direction. Some roads are easy and lead to mediocrity and comfortability, and some roads come with new challenges and force you to grow. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through this process, it’s that you can’t depend on anyone to have the same passion or drive, or hell, to even have your back the same way that you would.

“But with that being said, the world has been asking all these questions, and now the world is about to get all their answers. The road I’ve chosen to take is one that must be taken on my own. No crutch, no crew, straight dolo, exactly how I like it. All I’ve done my entire life is bet on myself, but I’ll tell you this: I’m not here to be another guy in the game. I’m here to be the guy, and I know I’m gonna piss a lot of people off. But you can ask me if I give a damn. I ain’t here to make friends; I’m here to make money, and if you ain’t down, you’re gonna get run down. The nastiest is yet to come.”

Santana’s declaration that he would be flying solo from here on out was not lost on his long-time partner, Ortiz. It didn’t take long for the wild-eyed AEW star to respond.

“What a way to find out years of having your back meant nothing,” Ortiz began. “Good luck without your ‘crutch’ Just remember it helped you walk for the last 14+ years. Hope your legs are good. Thank you for being honest for once. But you couldn’t say it to my face? You know you still can, right?”

Haus of Wrestling spoke with Konnan last month about the real-life falling out between Ortiz and Santana. The former WCW star worked with the two men as part of his LAX faction in Impact Wrestling and has continued to stay close to both. As Konnan explained to us, the friction between the two seems to be rooted in how they feel AEW has booked them. He noted that Ortiz is a much more laid-back guy who is happy to take whatever booking he is given, while Santana can be more of a “hothead” and is looking to move up the card more quickly.

“Wow,” Santana responded. “First thing you said to me in 14 months. no text no call. No I hope your recovery has gone well but of course paint me to be the bad guy like you’ve always done. Guess you forgot about our last conversation about this. Either way I’m happy I hope and pray the same for you.”