Will Ospreay Laughs Off Now Inaccurate AEW All In Tattoo

In his return to New Japan at their Road To Destruction events this past weekend, Will Ospreay showed off a brand-new tattoo celebrating his AEW All In: London match against Chris Jericho. The tattoo features several nods to his Wembley Stadium debut including the coordinates of the venue itself, the date of the show in Roman numerals, the exact time his match against Jericho began, and the event’s announced record-breaking paid attendance of 81,035.

Unfortunately for the IWGP United Kingdom Champion, one part of his tattoo has seemingly been proven inaccurate just days after its reveal. Yesterday, Wrestlenomics reported that the number of fans who made their way through the turnstiles for the show was actually just 72,765. This means that All In fell short of beating WWE WrestleMania 32 to become the highest-attended professional wrestling event ever, excluding the infamous WCW x NJPW events held in North Korea.

In a now-deleted video posted on X (formerly Twitter) – which has since been reposted by fans – Ospreay has reacted to this new dispute to AEW All In’s attendance. The 30-year-old, in a somewhat delirious state from lack of sleep, claims that this is the worst day of his life in an explicit rant whilst laughing hysterically. Towards the end of the video, he shows off the full tattoo to the camera with the now-inaccurate figure of 81,035 permanently inked on his body.

“Bruv, you cannot make this f**king s**t up,” Ospreay began. “I am currently in Japan, I’ve had no f**king sleep, I am tired. This is the worst f**king day of my life! [laughs] Do you know how hard it was for me to get a tattoo? My mum f**king hates them, bruv! They announced it to everyone, they announced 81,000 people…I’ve got this f**king thing on my arm!”

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